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Ep 14: End compulsory worship | Education update

In this episode, Emma Park speaks to the NSS’s Head of Education, Alastair Lichten, about the Society’s ongoing campaign against collective worship in schools. This is followed by a brief update on the NSS’s other campaigns in education, and its new resource for schools, Exploring Secularism.

It is, surprisingly, still a legal requirement in England and Wales that state schools practise some form of collective religious worship every day. Emma and Alastair discuss what the law is, how it is put into practice by different schools, the impact which it has on parents and children who do not want to participate, and what the NSS is doing to change the situation.

Our apologies for some handling and background noise on this episode. We hope to have it sorted out by the next recording.

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The NSS’s campaign against compulsory collective worship in schools, with some statistics:


The NSS’s proposal for inclusive secular assemblies without an element of directed worship:


Information about the NSS’s annual Bradlaugh Lecture:


The NSS’s Autumn Bulletin:


Exploring Secularism a new resource for schools developed by the NSS:


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