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Terri Haynes and Tracy Butler

Ep 52: A new Catholic school for Peterborough

A new Catholic primary school is about to be constructed in Hampton Water, Peterborough, despite local opposition. It will be the first state-funded Catholic school in England for a decade.

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Caroline Fourest title card

Ep 51: Laïcité and free speech in France

Satire is “the oxygen of a democracy,” according to Caroline Fourest, writer, filmmaker, anti-extremist and former Charlie Hebdo journalist. She speaks to Emma Park in the latest episode of the NSS podcast.

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Ep 48: Challenging the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Lloyd Evans was an elder in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, before he left the organisation in 2013. He has since been campaigning to expose its workings to the public.

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pic of Khadija Khan and Fiyaz Mughal

Ep 47: Blasphemy in the classroom: The Batley Grammar case

This episode is about Batley Grammar School’s decision to suspend and investigate a teacher for using a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in an RE lesson on blasphemy.

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Ep 46: Forced marriage and the importance of RSE

A marriage can be forced even if it doesn’t involve the threat of physical violence. In certain faith communities in Britain, young people’s freedom to choose their future spouse can be denied in subtler ways. NSS podcast with Eve Sacks of Nahamu.

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Liam Kerr MSP & Jamie Gillies

Ep 45: The Scottish Hate Crime Bill

This episode is about the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, which was finally passed by the Scottish Parliament on 11th March, after much controversy. With Liam Kerr MSP and Jamie Gillies of Free to Disagree.

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