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Christian nationalism is a key part of Trump’s legacy – Opinion Out Loud Ep 04

Opinion Out Loud brings you a selection of the National Secular Society’s opinion pieces in audio format.

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Alastair Lichten argues that understanding Christian nationalism is essential to understanding the presidency of Donald Trump and its consequences for the world.

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Rerelease: Thought for the Day | RE in Wales (Ep 17)

Rerelease of our 2019 episode on the BBC’s ‘Thought for the Day’ and religious education reform. Next new episode (Ep 44) planed for next Tuesday, 23 February.

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Ep 43: Charles Bradlaugh – Atheist and Republican

One hundred and thirty years after he died, Professor David Nash and Bob Forder speak to Emma Park about the life and significance of Charles Bradlaugh – the first openly atheist MP, and the founder of the NSS.

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Religious conversion isn’t a charitable endeavour – Opinion Out Loud Ep 03

Opinion Out Loud is a new series from the National Secular Society podcast. Each episode will bring you a member of the team reading one of our best recent opinion pieces. We’d love to hear your feedback. Details at the end.

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