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Ep 22: Bishops in the House of Lords – Dick Taverne interview

Is it time to remove Church of England bishops’ automatic right to sit in the House of Lords? Liberal Democrat peer Dick Taverne is introducing a private members’ bill – drafted with the NSS’s assistance – to do just that.

Emma Park travels to Westminster to interview Dick about why it’s time to abolish the bishops’ bench and reform the Lords, why constitutional reforms can take such a long time, and why the UK is still not a secular country.

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Peer proposes bill to abolish bishops’ bench in House of Lords

The NSS campaign to separate church and state

Public want religion kept out of politics – The Times

‘House of Lords (Removal of Bishops) Bill’ in the House of Lords ballot

Dick Taverne, Baron Taverne, QC

Odo, Bishop of Bayeux

Ep 21: Integrated education in Northern Ireland – interview with the Integrated Education Fund

In this episode, Emma Park speaks with Maddy Bridgman and Sam Fitzsimmons of the Integrated Education Fund, a charity that supports inclusive, integrated education (not segregated into de facto Protestant and Catholic schools) in Northern Ireland.

Maddy and Sam discuss the IEF’s campaign to support an integrated school system, and outline some of the difficulties the IEF has faced, both political, administrative and structural.

They also discuss positive signs that school students who attend integrated schools are benefiting from the tolerant and inclusive ethos that these schools promote.

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Education in NI shouldn’t be a tug of war between religious interests

Research reveals impact of religious discrimination on NI teachers

NSS calls for school integration in NI amid religious polarisation

Integrated Education Fund

Integrate My School campaign

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